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Quality Wood Products and Services in Baytown, TX

A do-it-yourself craftsperson like you is always looking for premium materials for your projects. Create beautiful and durable furniture with live edge wood slabs from Wall Hanger. Aside from wood products and services in Baytown, TX, we provide you with the quality wood you need to make unique pieces. If you prefer us to do the work, please don't hesitate to ask us to make rustic furniture for you.

A Cut Above the Rest

You already have a reputation for crafting works of art out of wood. You'll be able to do even better work using top-quality wood from our inventory. Our slabs are the ideal choice for making dining tables, kitchen islands, bar tops, vanities, and floating shelves.

Wood at Mill | Wood Products and Services in Baytown, TXSlabs Cut from Wood Logs

Live edge wood slabs come in sizes up to 2" to 3" thick, 18" to 36" wide and up to 15" long. At your request, we can provide air-dried slabs. We also offer kiln drying, flattening, and complete finishes with epoxy or polyurethane. These various options give you versatility in creating your wood pieces. Choose from a variety of wood types, including:

  • Red and White Oak
  • Cedar
  • Pecan
  • Cypress
  • Walnut

Made to Order

Custom slab design and cutting based on your specifications are also available. When we saw slabs, we always pay attention to the crotch figure and other unique wood characteristics to ensure that customers receive a one-of-a-kind slab. Additionally, all slabs are armor-sealed on the face edge to prevent cracking during the drying process.

Custom Rustic Furniture

Decorate your home with our one-of-a-kind rustic furniture. We specialize in dining room tables as well as island and bar tops with a live edge; all in the specific sizes, lengths, and widths you request. Typically, we use industrial hardware to accent furniture, but you can also choose any hardware that we'll use to craft unique pieces and get the rustic and industrial look that you want. We're also skilled at making finished products requiring upholstery work at your request.

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